Having accurately defined, long and full eyelashes are one of the highly desired beauty accomplishments of women. Many of them give a significant amount of time to maintaining, curling, applying loads of mascara, and attaching the false lashes regularly. It is not a surprise that many women are going for a semi-permanent eyelash extension procedure that does not require a high level of maintenance. These lashes appear more full, natural than the artificial lashes and can reduce loads of time from the regular makeup process.

Eyelash lift and tinting:

Eyelash tinting is a semi-permanent tint that provides shape, pop, distinction, and thickness to the brows. It can change even the thinnest hairs to appear long, full, and thicker. When performed at a trusted center, it will last from 3 to 6 weeks providing a defined appearance. A lash lift and tint treatment include two different processes that are focussed to provide you gorgeous looking lashes for a few weeks. This procedure is similar to an eyelash curler that causes the lashes to curl and making them appear young by increasing the glow in your eyes.

Important things to know before getting eyelash extension:

Eyelash extension must always be performed at a reliable center that consists of professionals who know in and out of the procedure. Before you head to the experts, below are certain important aspects that you must know in advance:

Will the process hurt?

If done properly, then there will not be any severe discomfort during the process. An experienced professional will precisely analyze the brow features and provide you a comfortable treatment. Once the treatment is done, you can feel them as your natural eyelashes. This process takes around an hour under the supervision of a qualified eyelash specialist. There are different types of eyelash treatments available and you have carefully chosen the service after knowing the precise details about the procedure. It should be dependent on the desired outcome and the condition of your existing lashes.

As the eyelashes are performed in the region which involves the sensitive eye area, it is advised to make a thorough analysis before sticking on to a reliable center. They should have professionally expert eyelash specialists who will perform the job accurately. Failing to do so may cause redness, pain in the eye, loss the natural lashes, and even lead to severe complications like eye infections with pus.

Is the process addictive?

While it is true that it enhances your lashes like never before, but it could be addictive. You may opt for a single eyelash treatment for any particular event, but you may want to get that treatment to make you look the same. As you get the taste of these thick, bright, and long lashes, you may not be satisfied with the natural ones. But semi-permanent treatments like lash-lift tinting procedures hold the results for from 3 to 6 months and ensure that you have the results for much longer.

Is there any requirement of altering the skincare?

Your eyelash expert may suggest you slightly alter the skincare routine to ensure the longevity of the treatment. You will have to eliminate some oily makeups that may harm the precise eyelashes. Regular face washes may be fine, but ensure to be careful while cleaning the eye region so that you do not cause any harm to the eyelashes. There also chances that you may cause the product to harm the eyes. Hence, always follow the advice of your eyelash expert for continuing the regular skincare routine. If you see any adverse reactions, contact them immediately.

Will the natural eyelashes grow back after this treatment?

There is no reason to worry as your natural eyelashes won’t be affected when you chose the lash-lift tinting treatments. Your experts will design a customizable treatment to provide the accurate length and thickness to maintain the health of natural eyelashes.

How long does the eyelash extension procedure last?

Generally, when the procedure is performed at a reliable center, it lasts anywhere between 3 to 6 months after which you will need a touch-up procedure to maintain the results. Depending on the requirement and effect of the procedure, they will suggest repetitive treatment. It is not harming your pocket like some other advanced cosmetic procedures.

Any aftercare instructions to be followed?

  • The aftercare procedures are not too harsh but you need to follow them without fail to make sure that your lashes last longer. Some of the general instructions would be avoiding contact with water for around a day, making use of oil-less make-ups and make-up removers, and staying away from mascara. Keep the eyelashes clean by combing them regularly and stop the tendency of rubbing your eyes any time. If you are sensitive to a particular compound, then ensure to inform your specialist for them to suggest you with precise instructions.
  • If you neglect these instructions chances are that you may cause harm to the eye or even reduce the longevity of the precise treatment. The semi-permanent eyelashes will only need to be kept away from water for around a day to guarantee their effectiveness. If in case you need to wear eye make-up, then make use of oil fewer make-up removers and carefully remove them using a cotton bud around the lash region. The use of mascaras is not suggested since they may contain compounds that could irritate the eye and even reduce the effect of these lashes if used for longer. Your experts may also suggest a precise lash cleaner to avoid any accumulation of bacteria or dirt in the region.

Bottom line:

Your quest for finding the best center to take the eyelash treatments ends at Blue Ice Med Spa. The Lash lift tinting process is a very effective but gentle treatment that does not cause any discomfort to our patients in any manner. Our professionals are highly qualified to make sure that you get long-lasting results without any adverse reactions on the skin.

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