How many glasses of water do you take in a day? Although it is advisable to take an average of eight glasses of water or equivalent to 1.5 liters, many still struggle to take in enough fluids that their body needs. Body fluids are essential for our overall function. You may skip your meals for a day or two, but never your water. Our body consists of at least 60% of water, so cutting it could lead to severe dehydration and can cause your death. The estimated life span of our body to survive without food is for about three weeks. However, you can only live for about three to four days without water intake. Would you still skip your water? If you struggle to comply with your body’s demand for hydration and vitamin supplements, Blue Ice Med Spa IV Drop Therapy is an excellent option for you to try.

Calculating all the needed water and nutrients your body needs may take a lot of effort, planning, and lifestyle change. Many factors affect these as more and more processed foods are becoming rampant. The busy lifestyle also adds to higher chances of taking in fast and easy food take-away to fill your tummy. It may temporarily satisfy you, but those foods and beverages could harm your body and be considered junk food. Soda, for one, is addictive, and often, when we are thirsty, having a gulp of your favorite soda drink is your first choice. In reality, sodas do not keep you hydrated as much as how water can do to your body. It can also lead to obesity because soda has a high amount of sugar in them. Taking in IV drop therapy can help supplement the vitamins your body needs that you could not consume daily. The treatment is highly beneficial, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. IV Drip therapy can also help out with other ailments.

What Is Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP

Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP is an Intravenous therapy administered and should only be administered by a professional. It involves needle insertion directly to your veins. It bypasses your digestive system, making the solution go to your organs straight through your bloodstream for immediate absorption and use of the body. A patient in any hospital is usually inserting an IV fluid at the back of the patient’s hand. The standard IV fluid is to keep you hydrated and serves as your alternative to water, sugar, and salt that you need. It is necessary as a patient care protocol to ensure your body can function well during your treatment.

The Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP is a supplement and vitamin drip that can benefit you in many things. It keeps you hydrated, helps in your anti-aging regimen, helps with your ailments, and can be an excellent supplement to help you prevent other diseases. It consists of B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium.

What are the Benefits of Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP

IV therapy does not only keep you hydrated and give you the energy you need; it is also beneficial for other medical ailments such as migraine. Migraine is a neurological condition that is often unbearable headaches. It also includes nausea, vomiting, and tingling. The IV drop therapy helps subdue the overactive of your nerve endings. As a result, it calms your nerves and prevents migraine attacks. The magnesium supplement helps prevent inflammation in your body. It helps support and boosts your immune system that is beneficial in treating migraines.

Do you have asthma or seasonal allergies? The magnesium supplement infused in the drip helps alleviate your asthma, seasonal allergy, and high blood pressure. It offers fast relief and improvement with continuous infusion.

Since Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP contains vitamin supplements that help fill your body’s needs, you will feel more energized, gain more focus, and efficient body functionality. It is because of these that fatigue and muscle spasms can be relieved. Depression, upper respiratory tract infections, and cardiovascular disease are also some of the medical conditions that IV Drop treatment can be beneficial for the condition. The B complex helps improve and promote healthy hair and skin. It also helps with stress management, which is helpful for those suffering from depression. It also helps prevent memory loss.

The Calcium gluconate supplement also helps boost and build stronger bones. While vitamin C helps with your immune system and helps prevent cancer-fighting qualities that also acts as your antioxidants.

IV Drop Therapy/PRP also boasts itself for its effectivity in treating fibromyalgia without any side effects. It is a musculoskeletal disorder that usually leads to symptoms like fatigue, memory issues, sleep disorder, and mood change. When you have that condition, the pain that your brain signals amplify more, which results in widespread pain. The IV drop therapy works by effectively supplying you with the supplement that can help regulate the condition.

How Often Should You Get IV Therapy?

If you decide to go for an IV therapy treatment, you must first consider your main goal. Your health goal will determine your IV fluid dose and the number of sessions you should take to reach it. The effects vary from person to person, so you can’t expect the same efficiency level with the same number of sessions. Usually, as a stand-alone supplement, the Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP can be administered once or twice a week or once every two weeks. If you aim to take IV therapy to treat specific ailments, maintaining a schedule as per your doctor’s advice should be administered.

Once your body’s nutritional level is stabilized, the frequency of your IV therapy treatment session can be minimized. Usually, weekly sessions for three weeks can already reach your health target. Once it does, you may opt to take monthly infusion instead of your regular weekly session. If you experience other symptoms, taking an extra IV fluid is also possible.

Many patients who went through the IV therapy treatment reported feeling more energetic than they have ever been. It helps them gain more clarity that has impressively improve their wellness. Although the Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP is not specifically for anti-aging treatment, many users attest to feel firmer facial tissues and a healthy glow in their skin. It is even dubbed as “vacation-in-a-bag” type of therapy because of its rejuvenating effect in the body. Imagine consuming junk food over a real fruit. Which of it makes you feel lighter and feel better? The junk food may satisfy your palate, but the natural fruits benefit your overall body. It is no hiding that compared to healthy eaters, those who eat healthily have radiant skin as opposed to those who mostly eat processed foods? Your body clearly reflects what you take in.

Overall, The Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP or Myer’s cocktail is a combination of the medical-grade nutrients that your body needs to keep your body in top-performing condition. Suppose you have medical ailments that need IV drip therapy, or you want to boost your immune system to prevent other illnesses. In that case, the Myers IV Drop Therapy/PRP at Blue Ice Med Spa offers an IV therapy program that can help you customize the best therapy for you.

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