Laser Hair Removal sounds like a terrible thing for those people who haven’t tried it just yet. It seems like a situation out of a sci-fi film for them. People bat an eye on laser hair removal, saying this is unsafe, not trustworthy enough, could burn or leave skin cancer to people. Little do they know, laser hair removal is one of the best solutions available for hair and skin solution just yet.

What statistics show

How can we prove laser hair removal’s genuineness and effectivity but show how others have benefitted under it? Here are some facts we all should feel excellent about. Thanks to The Hair Journal, Statista, and Cosmopolitan, we can reflect on the results it gave to others.

  1. 87% of laser hair removal clients said a 100% guarantee that they would undergo the procedure again.

Say what? That proves that laser hair removal is effective and trustworthy.

  1. 82% of people who underwent laser hair removal treatment are women. From different ages and backgrounds, all of these women in the demographic said they want their hair removed with this option.
  2. 45% of men who have received laser hair removal treatments all affirmed that the hairs they want to remove are completely gone with the process. Later on, there was a 22% addition to those men who finally got their desired results with the help of laser hair removal.
  3. There was a 90% permanent reduction in hair growth among patients who underwent laser hair removal in the areas they want hairs wholly gone. Their positive response remained even though their coats still grew because of hormonal imbalance.
  4. More than waxing, laser hair removal treatment is the best choice for the 2.8 million Americans who underwent the treatment in 2017. That is four times better than the usual.

These statistics speak more than just what has resulted to others. Although a laser hair removal appointment is more costly than waxing and other procedures, it is cost-effective in the long run for a lifetime cost that money you can spend on laser hair removal costs at just about $3,000.00. Compared to shaving, which costs $10,000.00, waxing results in approximately $23,000.00 lifetime cost.

Imagine going to buy loads of waxing materials and buying shaving blades and other materials to get your hair out! At the end of your life realizing how much money you could have saved if you only had an option to consider laser hair removal.

Did your jaw drop? There are more surprising things to discover. Well, that shows how fantastic this method is for clients.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

One session of laser hair removal only costs about $50 to $300.

It would greatly help if you recognized that you might need to undergo a laser hair removal procedure after your first appointment. That is to ensure that your hair is wholly gone.

5 Myths about Laser Hair Removal

What are these things that they say about Laser Hair Removal?

Myth #1 – “Laser Hair Removal procedures are dangerous that it can give pain and damage to your skin” 

Let us give you a big NO here because Laser Hair Removal has proven to be one of the most painless hair removal procedures of all the types mentioned previously, along with other methods we are not familiar with. Knowing the technological advancements that we have reached nowadays, we can be sure that laser hair removal is painless and can no longer inflict harm in any way possible for future procedures.

What helps with making the process painless? It’s the numbing agents and skin serums designed to soothe the skin. This process has no downtime, which means that it does not need to rest before you go back to your usual routine after laser hair removal.

Myth #3 – “Laser Hair Removal is not for everyone.”

These people say that laser hair removal is not flexible, but facts prove otherwise. The truth is, any skin type can carry the process of laser hair removal well. Still, for those with lighter hair, electrolysis can be more beneficial to them than multiple laser hair removal processes.

Myth #4 – “After 2 treatments of laser hair removal, you’re good to go.

We need to reiterate that your skin and hair adjust and may need to be treated even after getting laser hair removal for the first time. Remember that your hormones affect you, and when it happens, we can never pull that hair back and not let it out of our skin. That’s why you should mention scheduling or reasonable treatment goals to your doctor. Also, your doctor will well explain that to you, so you should not worry about how well your doctor can treat you with your chosen plan.

Myth #2 – “your hair will just grow back.”

Just like what we have informed you on the former, not all skin develops the same way. Some might not be able to adjust immediately to it, and some do. Some recover instantly and do not grow hair even after many years. But then, there are those patients who might have developed some hairs because of their conditions. Nonetheless, it is still dependent on the treatment. Make sure you have it discussed with your doctor that your treatment goal should encompass what needs to be removed immediately or by schedule.

Myth #5 – “There are no different kinds of procedure and practitioner.”

Just as skin and hair types are different, so are practitioners and your laser hair removal procedures. You might be surprised about the differences, but shouldn’t that relieve you as a patient? Your doctor adjusts to what you need because it is for your benefit in the long run.

Now, what is a clinic that we can trust?

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