You may spend hours together in the gym by doing loads of crunches and planks to reduce fat and get defined abs or buttocks. Additionally, you may be following a clean diet to supplement your workouts. But all these may be going in vain without any drastic improvements. There is an effective solution for this problem named Emsculpt. It is a game-changing body contouring therapy that has proven in showing jaw-dropping results. The Emsculpt before and after results have shown its effectiveness to reduce fat and promote the building of muscles at the same time.

What Is Emsculpt and How Does It Work?

  • Emsculpt is an FDA-approved device that is used to eliminate fat cells and strengthen the muscles. This advanced treatment uses the power of High intensity focused electromagnetic technology leading muscle contractions. Naturally, a muscle gets strengthened when there are lots of microscopic tears in the soft tissue. The body then responds to this tear by rebuilding the muscle with more solid tissues. This was achieved via natural contractions during exercises targeted at a precise region. The torn muscles get replenished by healthy stronger cells enhancing the size of muscles as well as overall strength.
  • One particular session that may last for around 30 minutes contracts the muscles for 20000 times which is impossible to achieve with real-time workouts. These strong supramaximal contractions initiate a process called lipolysis inside the body. The reaction of muscles and neighboring cells is similar to an intense workout where local fat cells are broken down. In response, the body begins to metabolize the dead fat cells by releasing fatty acids. The dead cells are naturally eliminated by the body leaving patients with tough and lean muscles.

Who is an Ideal Candidates for Taking an Emsculpt Treatment:

An ideal candidate is a healthy person who has accurate expectations of his body. Even though this procedure is highly effective it will not replace a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Patients who take this treatment must make some lifestyle changes to enjoy the benefits for a longer time. This treatment is ideal for people who are not severely overweight but finding it difficult to eliminate fat from a particular region. Highly obese patients must reduce their weight and follow the instructions of the specialist before taking this procedure.

Unbelievable Emsculpt Success Stories/Benefits:

The Best Alternative for a Butt Lift:

Emsculpt is the best alternative to a traditional butt lift procedure. Emsculpt will stimulate the gluteal muscles and enhance the buttock size instead of taking the invasive route. The buttocks will look toned and firm similar to the efforts achieved by performing rigorous exercises. Many studies and results have shown that this treatment can eliminate fatty tissue in the back region. As glutes become firm and rightly shaped, your hips and waistline reduce in size.

Burns Fat Cells and Builds Muscle at the Same Time:

This procedure stimulates forced contractions of fat stored regions employing high-intensity focussed electromagnetic technology. This strong action strengthens, firms, and tones the abdomen and buttocks together by eliminating the fat cells.

Boosts Metabolism:

Emsculpt has proven to be effective in restructuring the muscles within target regions of the body while boosting the metabolism. It will not only help to build stronger muscles, but also a significant improvement in enhancing the fat metabolism rate in the body.

Non-Invasive Approach:

Emsculpt is a non-invasive and safe treatment which has resulted in its acceptance across the globe. It is the ideal alternative to surgical procedures that are intended to remove fat from a particular region. Individuals can strengthen and tighten their butt, abs, and other regions without being laid down with sedatives and spend loads of time recovering after the surgery. There is no tension of having scars due to the stitches and invasive procedures. This procedure directly targets the muscle tissues without affecting the above skin.

Injury Recovery:

Emsculpt can aid the patients who are coping up with the injury healing process. As it focuses on strengthening the muscles, it can be used along with physiotherapies to aid in speeding up the recovery. This is the best option to begin a fitness regime for an individual who is recovering from an injury.

No Pain or Downtime:

As the high electromagnetic waves stimulate the muscles, you can feel the contractions happening in them without any abnormal pain in the region. As there are no invasive procedures involved, there will be no requirement for sedatives. Patients can easily sit back and relax while the device performs all the work. There will be no discomfort during the process and you can leave the clinic/hospital after the sculpting treatment. You may feel some muscle soreness the next day which is similar to a workout.

Quick and Fast Results:

This procedure lasts only for around 30 minutes without any pre/post-treatment preparations. There will be around four treatments that can be scheduled in a span of two to four weeks. Many patients start to see the results soon after their first treatment session.

Results are Long-Lasting if you Maintain Them:

The EMSCULPT body contouring results are generally permanent as your body will not replace them with fat cells. You will not gain fat in those areas provided you must maintain a healthy lifestyle of workouts and clean diets.

Are There Any Side Effects from Emsculpt?

There are no significant side-effects associated with the Emsculpt procedure, but this treatment is not suited for everyone. This treatment must not be performed on women who are pregnant, individuals who have metal parts like screws or plates in the body, medical devices like pacemaker, or birth control IUD within the body. Patients must note that Emsculpt is best when combined with a healthy diet and workout and not considered as a replacement for those processes.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for an effective Emsculpt treatment, contact Blu Ice Med Spa who specializes in body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments. With a team of body countering experts, they provide individual care and successful results.

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