With TriBella, you can expect an incredibly effective and visible result that could let you say that you’ve turned back the hands of the clock (or your age).

Tribella Photofacial Treatment. A three-word treatment that could change your life for the best. Most people say that one is enough, but that doesn’t apply to everything in this world. Just like how two minds are better than one, then three would be enough to conquer a world. A single or two treatment/s might be enough to provide an astonishing result, but why settle for just enough? Tribella Photofacial Treatment is a combination of three unique non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures made into one.

What could be worse than aging? That’s right, looking old or older than your age is the worst. As we grow older, our skin may have experienced unpreventable acne breakouts, your face could have suffered from scars left by those annoying acnes. Additionally, your skin loses develop more laxity gradually, forming wrinkles and other skin-aging indicators. This is due to less collagen and elastin that the skin produces as time passes by.

Due to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and acne scars or scars in general, you might experience embarrassment to people that you face from time to time. It is understandable that it could somehow affect your self-esteem, thus your overall well-being. These are inevitable situations and conditions that your skin has to go to when we age, and home remedies cannot serve remedy. Or is it?

There are many surgical and non-surgical treatments that are known to get rid of the problem that you are facing. However, is that single treatment enough to achieve a smooth, even, and young-looking skin that you might have once had? There are also treatments that could be used in conjunction with another, but do you really have to spend that much for a treatment that would just suffice? Then, how about a Three-in-one facial treatment that could solve all of those problems, and even more? TriBella PhotoFacial would be the best option for you!

TriBella PhotoFacial Treatment combines three of the essential treatment for your skin: Photofacial, Skin Resurfacing, and Lifting & Sculpting. Come and take a deeper look at these three treatments.

Photofacial and Photo Rejuvenation

You might have developed uneven skin tone and discoloration in your skin. Photofacial is the treatment that solves the problem by delivering precise bursts of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) into your skin. Your skin then attains an even skin tone caused by sun damage and aging. The light produced by the device targets and diminishes the hemoglobin pigment in the skin, thus, reduces dark pigmented spots. This treatment alone can give you even and young-looking skin like never before.

Skin Resurfacing

At times, some parts of your facial skin could become too dry, too oily, too sensitive, or a combination of them. Your skin could also have been suffering from light or deep acne scars. The uneven texture is sometimes hard to treat with just a single treatment. With TriBella, you can attain that even skin texture that you’ve always dreamt of. By using tiny electrode pins that produce a controlled amount of energy of up to 62 millijoules, your skin will receive minimally invasive treatment by creating superficial wounds on the epidermis. Due to the controlled amount of energy, your skin doesn’t have to go through a highly ablative effect. As a result, your skin tends to heal faster than traditional ablative treatments. As time passes by, your skin will heal, thus, stimulates more collagen and elastin natural production. As a result, your skin will achieve an even texture although out. Hence, you will achieve smooth, even-textured, and young-looking skin.

Lifting and Sculpting

Acne scars, and the like, let alone could be a nightmare – enough to lose your self-confidence. With the addition of wrinkles and fine lines, you could be in a phase that you just want to give up on your well-being. It’s hard to accept that you are developing wrinkles and fine lines, what more if I tell you that it’s hard to prevent and get rid of. Or is it? With TriBella, you can expect an incredibly effective and visible result that could let you say that you’ve turned back the hands of the clock that tells time (or your age?).

By using a device called DiamondPolar applicator, your skin will receive a Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields treatment. The treatment produces fast, yet balanced and tolerable heat into your skin. Resulting in a healthier blood flow and an increased production of collagen and elastin in your skin tissues. Your skin will regain the elasticity and firmness that it once had. You’ll regain the youthfulness in your skin by getting rid of the wrinkles and fine lines.

But how does it cost? Believe it or not, the price ranges only between $600 to $1000. However, although it is a three-in-one treatment, we cannot say that it is a perfect treatment. By perfect, that means permanent. However, with the inexpensive price of TriBella, your pocket doesn’t have to suffer that much. If it’s your first time undergoing the procedure, you might have to go through three sessions (with 3-4 weeks intervals) to achieve the best results. After that, you can schedule a single treatment every six months. That means for only $1,200 to $2,000 annually you can achieve and retain smooth, even-textured, even-toned, and youthful skin, at a reasonable price. It can be agreed upon that an effective treatment at this price range is a great investment for the years to come.

Downtime and Side Effects

Most patients experienced zero to minimal recovery time. On average, these patients only had to recover within 3 days at most. Some even say that they could even go back to their daily routine even after few hours after the treatment.

Although TriBella is non-surgical and minimally invasive, you must keep in mind that there could be affiliated mild side effects such as redness, swelling, mild bleeding, and bruising on the treated area. These are normal so you should not be alarmed. However, in case of severe side effects such as infection, excessive bleeding, or persistent side effects for up to 48-72 hours, it is best to contact your doctor immediately.

To avoid rarely, yet severe side effects, be sure to talk to the doctor regarding the proper aftercare necessary after the procedure. In addition to this, you should closely review and choose a board-certified dermatologist or aesthetician. The results of TriBella often rely on the experience and credibility of the performing dermatologist or aesthetician, so choose wisely. At Blu Ice Med Spa, we consist of staff and personnel who are board-certified to conduct or perform cosmetic, aesthetic procedures, and more. With the efficiency and credibility out of the question, all you have to worry about now is the “when”. Schedule your consultation now at Blu Ice Med Spa. Be wise, choose Blue Ice Med Spa.

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