The unavoidable process of aging occurs throughout life as that body will be showing visible signs. This will result in sagging skin issues throughout the body and face. Traditionally only invasive surgeries, have been employed to reverse the effects of aging. But, with the innovation in medical science, people are not ready to go for highly invasive surgeries that involve lengthy downtimes. If you are falling in the same bucket, then below is the beginner’s guide for Thread Lift that is your golden choice.

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a simple process that includes lifting the skin by employing sutures that are once used traditionally for surgery but administering them beneath the skin surface. But with the advent of technology, this procedure has evolved to give similar effects of a facelift but coming with benefits like minimal downtime, negated scarring effects, fewer costs, non-surgical and no downtime when compared to other facial procedures. Due to these unparalleled benefits, this procedure will be the best alternative if you are looking for rejuvenating or lifting the skin. A thread lift is usually considered best suited for individuals in their late 30’s to ’60s. Any individual who is normally in good health and is facing issues mainly due to aging may get the benefits from the natural effects induced by Thread lift. If you are a candidate who is fearing of surgeries involving general anesthesia then you can easily select Thread lift as a safer alternative. Thread lifts are also termed as non-invasive facelifts.

This procedure is generally done in places such as:

  • Mid-face and cheek region
  • Lower face region and jawline
  • Peri-ocular eye area
  • Neck Region

Neck region But thread lifts can also be employed to the body for areas that are prone to substantial sagging, like inner thighs and armpits and also the butt region.

How Does a Thread Lift Work?

The thread lift procedure is effective in two ways:

In the first place, it directly threads the skin but dissolves the sutures underneath the skin where the doctor will be able to pull the skin tightly around the neck, forehead, and torso. The undistinguishable and pain-free barbs stick on to the skin and ensure that the threads grip the tissue beneath the skin and muscles when the thread is pulled tightly.

After the insertion of barbed threads, there will stimulation of healing response. Even though the injuries are very small, the body will sense a suture material and encourage the production of collagen in the region. Collagen will fill the gaps in sagging skin and rejuvenate more refreshing stiffness in the skin.

Things to be Taken Care of Before the Procedure:

  • Speak to your provider carefully about any kind of medication that you are taking.
  • Be aware of any irritations from your diet
  • Keep the mind clear and avoid any kind of stress on the previous day.
  • Avoid alcohol the night before your procedure.
  • Avoid taking blood-thinning medications as per advice from your doctor. They may enhance bleeding issues during or after the treatment.

Thread Lift Procedure:

  • The procedure for thread lift will vary relying on the target region, the experience of the provider, and your skin types but the fundamentals remain the same.
  • The patient will be asked to be reclined relying on the area you are targeting and where the procedure is taking place. A topical numbing cream may be used on the skin if needed.
  • A tiny needle will be employed to insert the threads beneath the skin which may take around 30 to 45 mins.
  • Once the thread is inserted under the skin, the device used for insertion will be carefully removed. There will be a feeling of tightening or lightness under the skin.
  • After the needles are removed, you may be asked to stay for a few minutes after which you can go back home freely.

What to Expect After a Thread Lift?

There will be very minimal recovery time as there may be some amount of swelling or bruising in the treated region as you may go back to routine as per the advice of your doctor.

Results are slightly visible soon after the completion of the thread lift procedure, but actual results are visible only after few weeks after the treatment when the actual swelling and bruising effects come down.

The results are not permanent and may last from one to three years depending on the effectiveness of the doctor. Similar to other dermal fillers like Dysport or Botox, these threads employed in the procedure will be gradually absorbed by the tissue beneath the skin.

Patients can resume their routine work after the procedure but be sure to not rub the face strongly especially in the treated region. You will also be advised to not sleep on the sides for the initial days after the procedure.

Threads work depending on the type of the skin, response of the skin to the threads to offer refreshing looks. It can take around 3 months in some cases to deliver a natural-looking appearance but will always be reliant on the experience of the doctor. They will guarantee to use the right kind of thread depending on the requirements.

Does a Thread Lift Hurt?

Thread lifts procedure is effective and safe when it is done by a qualified doctor. The patient may feel some amount of pinch that is manageable and make use of numbing cream if you are worried. The majority of patients say that there will be negligible discomfort that will fade off in some time. But ensure to follow the advice of your doctor before coming to the procedure to avoid any complications.

Bottom Line:

Before carrying out any procedure, it’s key to have a detailed consultation to explain and establish the results you are expecting to accomplish. If you are considering this treatment and want to know more about it, contact Blu Ice Med Spa specializes in body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments.

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