PRP (Natural Growth Factors) Vaginal Shot

You may experience vaginal dryness, lowered libido, and urinary incontinence as you age. Natural Growth Factors vaginal shot is also known as the O shot, or the orgasm shot. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses your natural growth factors to trigger new cell growth in the vaginal walls and clitoris. Natural growth factors improve cell function and help increase blood flow to the area.

This orgasm therapy uses natural growth factors taken from your blood. About 6-8 ccs of blood are drawn from your arm during the treatment. Then, using a centrifuge, blood is processed via spinning.

The natural growth factors in your blood are enhanced and extracted into a syringe. The procedure is highly successful in treating a range of age-related problems. Natural growth factors are inserted into the vagina and clitoris while under local anesthesia. In addition, 5 ccs are injected under the vaginal skin around your G-spot. This procedure only takes a minute. You can have more than one injection administered if needed. Clients say that there is no pain or just a quick prickling sensation.

The largest benefits of the O-Shot include:

  •  Enhancement in sexual desire and libido
  • Heightened vaginal and clitoral sensitivity
  • Strong orgasms
  • Decreased urinary incontinence
  • Improved vaginal lubrication
  • Increased ability to experience orgasm
  • Reduced pain during intercourse
  • The skin of the vulva is firmer
  • Treatment of lichen sclerosis or itching on the vulva and possibly atrophy decreases.

The treatment takes on a few minutes, and it has been estimated that in 5to 95% of clients  have found improved sexual function. Within days after the procedure, most women report a noticeable improvement in orgasm intensity. The full effect of the treatment usually manifests after three months. You may need to undergo re-treatment if the initial results do not happen.