Regardless of the age or gender, getting Botox has been becoming extremely popular in recent years. While the effectiveness of Botox has been more in solving the issues of fine lines in the forehead, reducing wrinkles, or the appearance of crow’s feet, few know about its benefit Botox for jawline contouring. But how precisely do jawline injections of Botox aid to give your chin and jawline the structure you’ve always desired? Keep reading below to know more about how to narrow your jaw with Botox. 

About Botox: 

Botox is a cosmetic medication that is administered to the muscles to numb their movement. The specific dose is given depending on the muscle mass and volume of the target region. Botox is classified among the effective pharmaceutical brands that are employed than other injectables across the globe. It was the first FDA-approved treatment to rectify the issue of moderate to severe crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines in individuals regardless of gender above 18 years. It is a simple treatment when performed by an aesthetic expert and starts showing the results within a day or two. The results usually last for up to 4 months after which you may need a repetitive treatment to maintain the results. 

Botox is a neurotoxin that works by targeting the nerve endings. As this comes into effect, it blocks the nerve signals from stimulating the brain to release the muscle contractions. Botox paralyzes the target muscles temporarily and relaxes them to decrease the effect of fine lines and wrinkles. The same effect is done on muscles beneath the jawline that avoid them looking sharp. Botox has been proven safe for a majority of individuals when performed by a professional. This treatment is widely used across the globe for eliminating fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, etc. Botox is usually recommended for all genders between the age of 18 to 70. Older age individuals must be cautious in analyzing their skin conditions and other health factors before deciding to take this treatment. 

Botox for jawline: 

  • With the ability to paralyze the underlying muscles, Botox can provide a great shape for your jawline. It has shown positive effects on reducing an asymmetric jawline that is initiated via enlarged muscles. If you are a culprit of the square jawline, it is mainly due to the masseter muscles also termed as the chewing muscles. These muscles can become dominant as your body ages leading to provide you an awkward look, which is more prominent among women. 
  • The muscles that are present along the posterior jaw that is employed to clench and chew the teeth can become large especially due to the clenching while sleeping. As Botox is administered into the region, it will even the facial contour giving a smooth look. Botox will aid in slimming down the jawline that provides a symmetrical appearance to the face. As these injections are repeated over several sessions, chewing muscles will become weaker leading to a small jawline. 
  • Botox involves no downtime as it is administered via injections on an outpatient basis which means that there will be no longer stay in the hospital. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment after the suggestion from their skin expert. They will ask you to take some minimal precautionary measures like not lying down or rubbing the face for some hours after the treatment. You must stay away from performing any hard physical tasks like exercises that induce loads of sweat, as it can impact the injections. Botox will start effect in four to seven days reducing the size of muscles over the next couple of weeks. 

What causes a square jawline? 

You may be wondering what would be the cause for the appearance of a square jawline? It can either be caused due to hereditary bone appearance or the presence of obvious masseter muscles. The hereditary bone structure cannot be fixed by Botox, masseter muscles can be decreased with expert administration. These masseter muscles are mainly used in chewing and grow naturally with age. Like any muscle in the body, it develops more with usage like nail-biting or teeth-grinding. 

Why Botox is Better Alternative to Surgery? 

With the proven benefits of Botox, you may be knowing why it has been employed across the globe as a safe alternative to expansive cosmetic surgeries. Further, these injectables are less expensive than all surgical procedures. But the genuine advantages of Botox go beyond the cost-effective nature. Botox injections are relatively simpler under expert supervision and do not demand any downtime. No requirement for taking leave from your routine work or living in disguise from showing your face. Also, with its non-surgical nature, there will not be any requirement to put yourself under any dangerous anesthesia. They may use only topical numbing cream, at the target region that will reduce the minor discomfort. You may use this treatment at scheduled intervals as their effects begin to fade off and maintain the results for longer with expert guidance and look younger without the need for any expansive surgical procedures. 

Minor side effects: 

There will be few side effects of Botox-like numbness, swelling, and bruising. You may feel these effects for few days as they subside within a week. But the inexperience and negligence while handling the procedure have proven scary effects in some individuals. But this is very rare and will not be the case if you visit a qualified and experienced aesthetic expert. You will relish the appearance of a thinner jawline appearing after few days from the treatment day. 

Final thoughts: 

If you are looking to get a Botox treatment in Woodbury, MN for rectifying the issue of the square jawline, then your primary job is to associate with a reliable aesthetic expert who knows the ins and out of the treatment. Blu Ice Med Spa specializes in body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments. We work with every patient by offering a free consultation with an experienced body contouring specialist. 


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