• First Signs of Trouble In Your Teens: As early as puberty, hormonal changes can turn your fresh-faced complexion into an acne-prone one.

• Some Wear-and-Tear In Your 20s: Expression lines begin to form from talking, laughing and frowning. The collagen and elastin that have kept your skin supple begin to break down.

 Early Environmental Damage In Your 30s: Sun-induced wrinkles start to form. The skin’s collagen and elastin are losing more of their spring.

• Skin Irregularities In Your 40s: It can be a decade of dry skin. More dead skin cells are sticking around, darker patches may appear, and expression lines become entrenched.

• The Sun’s Damaging Effects Becomes Evident In Your 50s: Wrinkles, age spots and spider veins are bound to be developing, and skin can be dryer than ever these days.

• Starting in Your 60s: Skin should be pretty stable these days, with women having survived the menopause-induced hormonal imbalances. Wrinkles, red veins, and dark spots are common but are probably less pronounced if you made a habit of protecting your skin from the sun.

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