An absolutely revolutionary cutting-edge treatment. Being administered in an astounding 60 seconds or less, it floods your body with undiluted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Fast Facts

  • Treatment takes 60 seconds or less
  • Leading blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • PCAB & ACHC accredited


Extremely Safe

We have never, ever had an adverse reaction from a FastVitaminIV treatment with any of our patients. You can rest assured you are being treated by those who have specifically been trained in administering a FastVitaminIV, and we’ve performed thousands of these treatments over the years.

Elevated Concentration & Focus

One of the most commonly reported reactions our FastVitaminIV patients experience is a sharp increase in mental clarity and a decrease in “brain fog.” It’s easier to make the most out of each day when you’re feeling your best!

The “PUSH Effect”

This is the name given to the feeling directly after receiving FastVitaminIV. Some of our patients have reported feeling an immediate sensation of general happiness, some feel a boost in mental clarity and focus, and others feel an intense surge in energy.

Better Sleep Quality

After receiving your FastVitaminIV, your nervous system will be more balanced, therefore improving the quality of your sleep. This can have a huge overall positive impact on one’s life.

Expedited Recovery from Exercise

FastVitaminIV helps your muscles recover quicker due to the flooded nutrients your body receives. You will also likely notice a boost in exercise intensity, maximizing your performance at or outside the gym and leading to quicker results.


Our team of clinical experts have answers.

FastVitaminIV® is an innovative and proprietary blend of 19 different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are “pushed” at the end of a Brain Refuel™ treatment, taking between 30 to 60 seconds to administer.

The “Push Effect” is the name given to the feeling after receiving FastVitaminIV®. Some patients may feel a surge of energy, some feel an immediate sensation of general happiness and optimism, and others a boost in mental clarity and focus. FastVitaminIV® hydrates the body on the cellular level, increases metabolism, lessens recovery time, optimizes fitness levels, helps with hangovers and migraines, and assists with graceful aging.

Every patient is different, but many of our clients receive the FastVitaminIV® on a weekly basis. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

FastVitaminIV® is extremely safe – we have never, ever had an adverse reaction from it!

FastVitaminIV® is extremely safe – we have never, ever had an adverse reaction from it!

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