A Localized Cryotherapy session is employed to minimize the inflammation, pain, or swelling problems in various parts of the body. This different from whole body Cryotherapy, that works by stimulating cold receptors all over the body, to start an anti-inflammatory response in the body. Local Cryotherapy treats on a specific part of the body with a more precise and effective solution. People opt for reliable centers like Blu Ice Med Spa who provide accurate treatment.

What is Localised Cryotherapy?

This session lasts for around 5 to 10 minutes with the direction of steam liquid nitrogen vapor onto the target area. This develops a strong icing effect on the area leading to constriction of blood vessels, reducing the inflammation in that area. It offers more positive responses than traditional icing and full-body cryotherapy. Some of the most usually treated areas are the shoulder, upper back, lower back, neck, elbow, hip, wrist, knee, ankle, and heel. This method is also employed in decreasing the appearance of scars.

How is it different from Whole-body Cryotherapy?

Whole-body Cryotherapy:

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a superior cold treatment method that includes passing a cold temperature of -200°F to -250°F to the whole body for about 2-3 mins in a cryo-chamber. This type of treatment was highly used from 4 decades for treating rheumatoid arthritis by relieving inflammation, pain, and other symptoms related to chronic issues. It would make the body drive into the survival mode leading enhanced blood flow into vital organs. It will supply the much-needed oxygen and other valuable nutrients into the body.

Localized Cryotherapy:

Localized Cryotherapy employs exactly similar nitrogen gas but it targets only a particular region of the body instead of the whole. This localized method is employed to focus on the parts that are facing acute pain, inflammation, soreness, or stiffness. The target areas are initially checked for temperature and constantly supervised throughout the treatment process. It is required to ensure that a target part of the body is kept at the exact temperature to ensure results without any side effects. As the body reaches a specific temperature, the therapist will keep on passing the cold air for 30-45 seconds to ensure the highest benefit. This entire process will continue for around 5 to 12 minutes relying on the amount of pain or inflammation in the target area.

The effect of local cryotherapy on the human body is dissimilar from the Whole-body Cryotherapy (WBC). The WBC pushes the entire body into a survival mode with flushing of oxygen and nutrients into the blood. But the Localised cryo will push the blood away from the target area and with the exact exposure to temperature, blood-filled with nutrients will come back to ensure recovery.

Benefits of local cryotherapy:

Secured and Relaxed:

The whole process lasts only for around 5 to 12 minutes with a constant monitor of your target area. You will have a relaxed feel throughout the process as therapists will monitor the passage of this cold air for a dedicated period. This process will make patients feel relaxed and refreshed with many patients claiming both mental and physical benefits.

Useful customizable treatment:

Cryotherapy acts on different body types and areas of the body. There could be different types of pain and inflammation issues in the body specific to a condition. Hence people like athletes go for this form of treatment to aid in getting full recovery from the problems.

Supports in providing a reprieve from different types of pains:

Local cryotherapy has a pain-relieving effect which is the reason for its usage to treat various types of pain. While cryotherapy is used on any part of the body it aids in eliminating pain via 3 different ways. It acts by decreasing the nerve transmitting signals that negate the brain from receiving pain signals. It will also aid in enhancing the epinephrine levels that act as a safeguard for acute pain problems. With these, it decreases both impact and occurrence of pain by this means relieving the patient from pain.

Can be used to reduce inflammation:

Local cryotherapy will be useful in managing the comprehensive inflammation of the total human body. Inflammation is the protection mechanism effort by the body to start the healing procedure at all the places that have been under pressure. If the inflammation is making your body to toil harder, Cryotherapy can aid in pushing off extra inflammation.

Other proven benefits:

Athletes are highly beneficial with these types of treatments as they need quick recovery from the problems to get back into the track. It will also help in surgical recovery, strains, soreness, and negate the effects of headaches. A major effect shown by the local cryotherapy is in relieving migraines. As it has the potential to indulge in treating parietal and optical nerve area, migraine issues are eliminated to a great extent. People having allergy issues can also get greater benefits with local cryo. Inflammation in the sinus cavity is reduced as local cryotherapy can work on the sinus area decreasing the side effects of the allergies. Localized cryotherapy could also be employed to decrease the effect of cellulite by offering negating actions on them.


Localized cryotherapy is performed only on certain parts of the body but has the potential to offer many useful benefits. Localized cryotherapy is the best way to start the healing process in wounds, swelling, or reducing pain in that part of the body. Many studies have shown evidence of customers showing signs of ease from swelling, pain, and inflammation issues from this type of treatment. It is the best way to start recovery in the body that is subjected to soreness or stiffness. But you need to be sure to take this treatment by expert professionals such as the Blu Ice medspa. The professionals are skilled, experienced, and offer specialized body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments. Reap the benefits of local cryotherapy by visiting us and solving your precise issues.

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