Acne is widely faced issue across the globe among people of all ages but more among the young generation. This issue often appears as an occurrence of pimples on the face but may also appear on chest, neck, shoulders, or back. It could be annoying with the pain and also embarrassing for many people as they are unable to hide them, especially on the face. They could emotional problems and make you self-conscious. Various signs of acne include the pimples, blackheads, pustules, and are resulted due to the presence of dead skin cells, bacteria, oils, and any skin infections. Every aspect needs to be taken care of top control the issue. At Blu Ice Medical Spa, we offer professional acne treatments are  safely and effectively improve skin health to reduce acne. Acne Treatments Are more Safe and Effective.

How is Acne treated?

Acne is caused by plugged hair follicles. The dead skin cells, oil, and dirt on the top layer of the skin obstruct the pores and develop small confined infections. Many treatments work to remove excess oil and also clear away bacteria that could lead to acne. But it is crucial to find the best treatment that works well for every individual. There are various types of acne treatments including lifestyle changes, oral and topical medications, and medical procedures.

Lifestyle Changes:

There are instances of people managing the conditions of mild pimples and acne with lifestyle remedies. Keeping the face clean and avoiding hair on the face if the hair is oily is very crucial as oil is the major cause of acne. You must also ensure to change the pillow covers frequently to prevent oil from the hairs accumulating on the face skin leading to acne issues. It could be beneficial to wash the face with water at least three times every day by using a gentle cleanser. Ensure that you don’t scrub the skin too much as it could elevate the issue. Be careful while selecting skincare products that could be harmful to your acne issues like oil-based make-ups or scented lotions. There are many skin products available that do not block your pores. Such lifestyle variations could help in resolving any mild acne issues. But if the problem is stronger, then you would need to consult a skin specialist for receiving further treatments.

Topical medications:

A doctor will prescribe specific lotions, creams, and gels that needs to be applied on the skin for a specific period. It is generally suggested to wash the face and then apply these as a thin layer on the skin in the morning and before bedtime. Over the Counter acne medications generally consist of active ingredient benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Such substances decrease the amount of oil produced by the body and also act against inflammation. Due to this treatment existing acnes are eliminated and new ones are not formed.

When the Over the Counter medications are not working, you could take the prescribed medicines from a skin specialist. Such medications usually consist of a retinoid drug called tretinoin. This is a much stronger form of benzoyl peroxide or an antibiotic termed as clindamycin.

Oral medications:

Oral medications are helpful when any of the topical medications are not effective in treating the acne issue which would be severe. Such medications are absorbed by the body completely hence are available only with a valid prescription. Some of the majorly used oral medications that are used to treat moderate to severe acne issues are:

  • Antibiotics: There are specific antibiotics like tetracycline that must be taken daily. They can help to fight the strong bacteria and their infections. They are generally prescribed along with certain gels and creams to enhance the results.
  • Hormone control pills: Variations in hormone levels could be causing acne issues in many women. There are many hormones controls pills available that could improve the condition. But if the woman is pregnant, then this calls from advice from the doctor for an alternate treatment.
  • Isotretinoin: This is a strong drug that is also from the retinoid family that decreases the size of oil glands that diminishes their oil production capacity. The skill cell movement is regulated and they do not clog the outflow of excess oil and bacteria from the pores. It is prescribed for severe acne issues and is the last chosen medicine among oral types. One has to be very careful while taking this as they could lead to many side effects.

Other Kinds of Treatments:

Along with oral medication, lotions, and creams, your doctor may also prescribe:

  • Laser and other advanced therapies that employ light to decrease the bacteria number on the skin.
  • Chemical peels to eliminate dead skin cells along with whiteheads and blackheads removal.
  • Extraction: In this procedure, the doctor will drain out the cysts that are formed beneath the skin. It removes all the fluids, pus, and dead skin cells that are present in the cyst to decrease infection and pain. It has the risk of causing scars but antibiotics are given to speed up the healing process.
  • There is also usage of natural remedies like tea tree oil or alpha hydroxy acids for treating acne issues. There are lotions and creams available with these ingredients but there is no surety about their long-term usage and safety.

Acne treatments are safe and effective if it is carried out by an expert professional and reliable skin clinic.

Bottom line:

Acne issues must be handled carefully as they could lead to many unwanted side effects. Acne Treatment in Woodbury, MN at Blu Ice Med Spa have expert skin specialists who provide advanced acne treatments. We will analyze the specific skin condition to know what is the required treatment for controlling the acne and reduce the severity of breakouts. We provide all advanced treatments like lasers to kill bacteria, chemical peels to cleanse the pores, IV therapies for essential nutrients and modern products to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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