Scar tissue is developed in the skin due to many reasons, and it could be due to an injury, wound, severe acne, surgery, sunlight, and exercise. They may change the looks of the body and provide an annoying experience. There are many claims for scar reduction from the body, but nothing is more convincing that the Laser treatment. But since it involves minor risks, it has to be carried out at reliable aesthetic centers like Blue Ice Med Spa. They provide the best results at a reasonable price and secure environment.

How does laser help to eliminate scar?

The laser passes the exterior layers of the skin to encourage new and healthy skin cell development. The laser can eliminate damaged older layers of the skin that will promote new skin development. Even though laser treatment may not remove the scars, but it will make them less visible. The regeneration of new skills will give a fresh appearance to that part of the skin. Laser treatment is popular due to its non-surgical approach and reasonable price and quick timing procedures. The enhancement in your scar region of the skin is seen in a few days after the treatment. It will eliminate the scar tissue from the skin and also give long-lasting results.

You may be worried about choosing a perfect treatment for scar removal. Laser treatment is an ideal non-invasive procedure for those people who are looking to eliminate the scars for a longer time. The procedure takes only about 30 minutes and needs a minimal recovery period. This is the latest advancement in aesthetic skincare techniques that provides you with a new look and feel.

Types of Laser treatments:

Ablative laser treatments: This type of laser treatment needs local anesthetic or intravenous injections to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. It involves removing a few outer layers of the skin.

Non-ablative laser treatment: This type of laser treatment involves very minimal pain that needs a topical numbing agent. It penetrates through the skin without eliminating any layers.

7 Things to Know Before Having Laser Treatment for Your Scar:

1. Laser treatment will not eliminate the scar:

With all the latest medical inventions, laser treatment is used widely to treat many types of scars. This procedure will:

  • Avoid an increase of scar from forming after the surgery.
  • Decrease the itching and pain sensations.
  • Enhance the range of motion if the scar inhibits flexibility.

The laser will aid in treating all these issues, but it will not completely remove the scar. Laser treatment will mask the already present scar in the skin with a smoother appearance.

2. Results vary on the experience of Skin specialists:

Even though laser treatment has all the qualities to treat the scar effectively, it is highly dependent on the skillset of the skin specialist. If the doctor performing the laser procedure on the skin does not have the precise experience, then you may end up with improper results. Hence, you have to choose board-certified aesthetic experts who can treat the skin scar effectively without any problems. Failing to do so may prove to be useless and even risky affair. Look at the experience, qualification, and feedbacks while selecting the aesthetic service provider.

3. Discuss with your doctor before treatment:

  • It is crucial to have a thorough medical consultation with the doctor before performing any treatment. To handle a scar effectively, the doctor must know the skin type of that individual and type of scar.
  • Along with this, they must also know about your overall health condition. Discuss if you get cold sores, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, and other medications/supplements that you take regularly.
  • A good dermatologist will analyze all such details and design a precise treatment for your conditions. If a skin doctor insists on treating the scar without any medical consultation, then just stay away from them.

4. Sun protection: Protecting the skin is very important before and after the treatment.

You cannot go for laser treatment if you have an active sunburn or tan issue. It may cause serious side effects like burns or skin discoloration.

It is also necessary to safeguard and cover the skin from the sun until the healing process is completed. Failing to do this may create adverse effects on the treated skin area.

5. Lifestyle variations:

There will be a requirement of minor lifestyle variations before and after the treatment. For obtaining maximum results from this procedure, skin doctors usually insist on the below points.

  • Halt the consumption of aspirin, vitamin E, and any other medicines or supplements that interrupt the healing process.
  • Halt the usage of any skincare products that consist of glycolic acid or retinoid for 2-4 weeks.
  • Stop smoking before two weeks to the procedure.
  • Refrain from exposure to sunlight before and after the treatment for a specified period.

6. Multiple sessions:

Ablative laser treatments generally show the results in a single sitting. But non-ablative lasers call needs various series of treatments to show effective results. It is dependent on the specific skin condition and response of the skin to the procedure. Reliable skin doctors will guide you on your precise skin requirements. They will try to induce different techniques to give the best results for the patient.

7. Pain: 

Most of the non-ablative treatments involve minor discomfort during the treatment, but ablative treatments will need anesthetics during and after the procedure. This is also reliant on the laser used, type of the skin and scar, and even the overall health condition of the patient.

Bottom line:

Laser skin treatment has proven to be effective in providing the optimum result for scar reduction. Due to the delicate and meticulous process, it is ideal to choose a reliable skin specialist or med spa who are experienced in their profession. Blu Ice Med Spa focusses on body contouring and facial rejuvenation procedures. We treat every patient according to their requirement and ensure their comfort during and after the treatment process.

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